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Microsoft has bought GitHub and some people are not impressed.

Microsoft is officially buying Github, the internet’s largest source code repository, for a $7.5 billion, with Microsoft VP Nat Friedman assuming the role of GitHub’s new CEO. The acquisition isn’t without its detractors, who say they are already ditching GitHub and looking elsewhere. Concern over GitHub’s management in the future, along with Microsoft’s not so popular past with open source, might be the biggest hurdle the company has to overcome.

Some developers, fearful of Microsoft’s hand, have begun flocking to competing services in the meantime. Code repository GitLab, for example, has seen a noteworthy increase in the number of repositories created since Sunday, when word of GitHub’s takeover made headlines.

What do you think about Microsoft’s takeover of GitHub? What changes do you think it will bring? If you are a developer let us know if you are transferring to other services. Comment or send us some messages on our social media accounts.

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