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I have not uploaded a video to my YouTube channel in a very long time, and I think it is time for me to stop doing Video Star videos in the same way that I used to. This change follows recent updates to the app that make it more professional and a lot easier to use, and consequently I don’t think that I can continue in the same style anymore and still stay relevant.

I did not have many videos, and the ones that I like will be kept unlisted and will be available on a playlist that you can access by visiting this link.

The new content that will replace these videos will be all sorts of videos ranging from music and games to comedy sketches and tutorials. Remember to keep checking back and subscribe to our newsletter to find out more about what’s going on.

Our team

We are currently looking into developing a team of people to work on our content, and once this has been established, you will get to see all of us and know what we do.

At the moment, there are only five of us working on website content; as I mentioned, we are planning on expanding and diving our workforce into different departments for our many categories of videos.

Unfortunately, we are not posting public job offers on our website, however these may become available as our group grows and evolves.

Current projects

We are currently working on a number of projects that I would like to announce early and hopefully create interest in.

Clover Hill

Clover Hill is a TV/web series based on our 2012 comic series ‘L+J Adventures’. This series was unique in every meaning of the word: all elements were drawn freehand; it didn’t have that iconic comic book style; we didn’t use conventional panels; and there were only three editions, none of which made it to publication. Because of this, we decided that it would be a good idea to reboot the idea in a new format (and a slightly more realistic yet interesting story line).

We have already tried and failed at this task, however, with our new team, I’m confident that we will be able to stay focused and committed to this project.

Going back to the issue of our minuscule organisation, we would like to invite the team from the original reboot to be part of the new committee, which will be a great addition to our cause.

What’s it about?

The series follows a pair of friends and the problems and relationships they experience during secondary school.

The main characters are as follows:

• Joseph Marshall

• Lucas Rosenfield

• Callum Carter

• Elizabeth Hart

Joe and Luke are best friends. They are also very close friend me with Callum, however he is more free spirited and tends not to attach himself to closely. Ellie is the new girl at school and is welcomed warmly to the group.

They also have various other friends that are introduced and referenced in their respective episodes, however I want to work on creating more characters with less important roles that still have meaningful storylines.

It’s set in a prestigious private secondary school, “Clover Hill Academy”, known for its scientific achievements. The school is faced with some unforeseen circumstances and we see how they deal with them and what they do to uphold their image and reputation.

Laugh Out Loud!

Laugh Out Loud! is an audio podcast that we are hoping to release. We don’t have a definitive idea for the podcast, however, as implied by the title, it’s supposed to be entertaining and funny.

Current ideas we have include:

• Challenges and dares

• Jokes, puns, tongue twisters etc.

• A comedic view on current affairs

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Comment on this post or email

Music & Games

Hopefully, in the next six months, we may be releasing some music. We are not sure what style of music and what format it will be released in, but we will share more information when we have it.

I personally am also working on developing my programming skills and I am hoping that this will lead to the building of a team here that will work on games together.

I am already working on concept ideas for some games so look out for those.

As you can see there is a lot going on for us at the moment, so I would appreciate it if you were patient as we update the site and channel with new content.